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Flying Eyes Optics - Sunglasses for Pilots!

Clarity: Flying Eyes Optics strive to provide lenses with excellent clarity without sacrificing durability or color accuracy. Glass tends to be fragile, so we use shatterproof polycarbonate for all of our lenses.
Color: Flying Eyes Optics are proud to be able to offer customers a variety of lens tints to fit their preferences while offering true color vision to the wearer for maximum efficacy and accuracy. The most rugged, highest quality, and most secure action camera mounting solutions for adventurers around the world.
Options: Choose your own frame style, Lens color and Available options for a Bifocal lens.

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Aviation101 Talks About Polarization in the Cockpit

Josh of Aviation 101 discusses the drawbacks of polarized lenses in a modern cockpit. Flying Eyes lenses are all non-polarized by default (with a polarized option available in our Golden Eagle Sport, Kingfisher, and Hawk Convertible, for those who insist), and are also tinted a smidge lighter than a normal sunglass lens to make seeing inside a cockpit easier. By pilots, for pilots.

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LewDix's First Flying Eyes Test Flight

Before Lew decided to come on as an affiliate, he insisted on trying them out first (smart guy). By the end of their first flight, he was sold!

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