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Flight Training Videos and Vlogs!
Here are some of our Favorite Flight Training Videos and Vlogs from various talented Videographers and Photographers.
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Practicing the Go-Around - MzeroA Flight Training
It's the maneuver no one like to practice, the go-around. Yet last year there were 42 accidents that occurred during attempted go-arounds. Watching this video I want you to remember one thing. Fly the airplane first! If you remember to tell tower you're going around, great. If you remember to maneuver slightly to the right of the runway, fine. However we have to remember to get and keep that airplane flying first!

How To Get An IFR Clearance At A Non-Towered Airport - Boldmethod
How do you pick up an IFR clearance when you're on the ground at a non-towered airport? There are three ways, and we'll walk you through each one in this video.
Unusual Attitudes - MzeroA Flight Training - MzeroA Flight Training
How have you practiced unusual attitudes? In this video I'll show you the two methods I use to teach unusual attitudes and upset recovery.
The Approach Light Decision Bar & How to Use It - Rod Machado
The approach lighting system is designed for one primary purpose: It helps pilots transition from IMC to a VMC landing when reaching approach minimums. When you think about it, this is quite an impressive accomplishment given that this typically happens in less that 30 seconds starting a 200 feet HAT (for typical ILS or LPV minimums) while flying at speeds in the neighborhood of 100 knots. Here's a short video explaining how the ILS architecture works. http://rodmachado.com?aff=173
Secondary Stalls - MzeroA Flight Training
What would happen if I didn't execute a proper stall recovery? The airplane breaks the stall but we continue to apply back pressure and we now enter into a secondary stall. Jason shows you what that looks like in today's video.

Crosswind + Short Field Takeoff and Landing - MzeroA Flight Training
What happens when you need to execute proper crosswind technique but you're also faced with a short field for takeoff and landing? Jason shows you in this video.
How to Get Out of a Spin | 60 Second Flight Training - US Sport Aircraft / Thrust Flight
Getting into a spin can be pretty scary when you don't know what to do, so here's a quick lesson on How to Get Out of a Spin!
BasicMed Explained Preview - King Schools - King Schools
View this clip taken from King Schools FREE Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained Course.
Stick and Rudder Flying - The Cub! - MzeroA Flight Training
Good advice from Jason: Have we moved away from stick and rudder flying? What are some ways you're working to challenge or better said humble yourself in aviation? The goal shouldn't be currency. The goal should be proficiency.
Understanding How The Magneto's Work - MzeroA Flight Training
Will the engine keep running if the battery dies? Should we do a magneto ground check?
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